We offer free software for your espresso machine. It turns ordinary portafilter machines into sophisticated shot brewers with precise control over temperature, pressure and dispensed weight.

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leva! features
High measurement quality
  • leva! supports temperature sensors, pressure sensors, flow meters and Bluetooth LE scales to measure and control temperature, pressure, volume, flow rate and weight.
  • leva! supports digital factory-calibrated TSic precision temperature sensors. Accuracy exceeds Pt100 Class B.

Ultimate temperature control with PID algorithm

  • Dual channel PID function for up to two heating elements, for example two boilers or one boiler and one electronically heated grouphead
  • Temperature setpoints can be changed in steps of 0.1°C
  • Different PID configurations can be used during different states of the machine (warming up, idle phase, shots)
  • Two temperature sensors may be connected simultaneously, for example a boiler sensor and a grouphead sensor
  • Virtual temperature sensors: Two sensors can be combined into a virtual sensor, for example to take the temperature of the grouphead into account.
  • Ramp & Soak feature for programmed heat output during shots to optimize the 25s brew temperature curve
  • Feed-forward temperature control based on flow meter measurements
  • Automatic determination of PID configuration by auto-tuning program
  • Advanced PID configuration options such as digital filtering and integral wind-up limiting
  • Configurable Standby Mode and ECO Mode to conserve energy

Electronic pump power control

  • Electronic pump power control for vibration pumps with pressure sensor feedback control loop, with nearly stepless power control. This feature gives you high-quality pressure profiling, for example gradually falling brew pressure (= lever-style pressure profile; the extraction process softens towards the end).

    Example video
  • Paddle support. Use an electronic lever or the rotary encoder of the display to control brew pressure manually, on the fly, at any moment in the shot
  • Real preinfusion: Variable, programmable preinfusion with desired pressure curve
  • Flow rate control

Pressure profiling control loop with pressure sensor

Apps for Android, Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

  • leva! continuously transmits measurements to a PC or Android device connected by WLAN, where they can be viewed as real-time plots in apps. Visual and numeric presentation of live data permits unprecedented insight.
  • The apps let you use your mobile devices and computers as Virtual Display if you install the hardware without a physical display 

Real-time plots of live data on your computers (Windows, Linux or MacOS X) and Android devices

Dosing, Descaling and Flushing

  • Dosing feature for dispensing programmed amounts of product with the desired flow rate or pressure profile. leva! supports dosing by time, by water volume (flow meter) or by weight (gravimetric dosing with Bluetooth scale). Supports Felicita Arc, Skale 2 and Eureka Precisa scales.¹
  • Brew ratio calculator
  • Automatic cup detection: Assign doses and/or pressure profiles to cups identified by weight
  • leva!'s warm-up program can drastically reduce warm-up time by flushing hot water through the machine
  • Customizable descaling program

Gravimetric dosing with wireless Bluetooth scales. Left to right:
Eureka Precisa¹ (Krell CFS-9002), Skale 2, Felicita Arc

Dual boiler support

  • Support for steam boiler on/off switch

Information at your fingertips

  • Four lines of output on an OLED display convey useful information: Temperatures, setpoints, heat output, pressure (bar), shot volume (ml), shot weight (g) etc.
  • Comfortable text menus instead of cryptic numbers. By comparison, most PID controllers only have 7-segment numerical displays.
  • OLED brightness controlled by firmware
  • PID controllers switch power rapidly, which normally leads to a flickering boiler lamp. With leva!, you will not have to endure a flickering lamp because it offers a lamp replacement in form of a firmware-controlled, white, dimmable LED to convey useful state information.
  • Automatic dimmable grouphead illumination

Monitoring and safety features

  • Monitoring of water filter's liter throughput
  • Water hardness calculator and limescale buildup monitoring
  • Backflushing reminder
  • Safety functions monitor the on-times of heating elements, pump and valve and turn off the machine or sound an alarm if a problem is detected.


  • Support for internal installations without display. Wireless configuration by computers/Android devices .
  • Instead of a full display module, a hidden rotary encoder can be installed as temperature selector.

Training functions

  • Acoustic and optical (display) shot timer to make by-the-rules espresso with perfect 25s timing
  • Ready-beep signals when the machine is thoroughly heated up

1: Note that a non-Bluetooth version of the Eureka Precisa exists; be carfeful when buying.

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