We offer free software for your espresso machine. It turns ordinary portafilter machines into sophisticated shot brewers with precise control over temperature, pressure and dispensed weight.


Which microcontroller modules are compatible?
ATMega1284-based modules from Software & Circuits and from Pollin (AVR-NET-IO), if the MCU is upgraded. Some run caffè!, some leva!, some ristretto! - check the download page.

Can I install this in machine <insert name>?
That's for you to find out :) All required information is contained in the downloads. The hardware requirements are described at the beginning of the hardware installation pdf. No technical consulting services are available here.

Is there a forum for this firmware?
There isn't a dedicated forum but you might find interesting threads in coffee forums, e.g. at home-barrista.com (1, 2) and kaffee-netz.de.

Is the new Gaggia Classic manufactured by Philips compatible?
A Gaggia Classic with die-cast aluminium boiler should be compatible, including the latest 886948011010 from Philips. Philips also produces a stripped-down version with steel boiler without electrical grouphead valve (RI9403). That's not compatible. Neither is the "Gaggia Classic Coffee", which is another machine without electrical grouphead valve.

Can the firmware be used with thermoblocks?
Theoretically yes. Thermoblocks are just very small boilers. Potential issues are described in the manual. Note that the original circuit must handle the steam mode, including the interval pumping that thermoblocks perform in steam mode ("tock tock tock").

Can I get pressure profiling from an E61 grouphead?
Some pressure profilig might be possible but it would be limited. The gicleur before the E61 makes it impossible to measure the brew pressure in the filter correctly. The preinfusion chamber of the E61 collides with pressure profiling. The lever-operated non-electrified valve of the E61 prohibits features such as pressure profiles with end or dosing. The electrified E61 (a modern look-alike with solenoid valve, e.g. in BFC machines) can at least dose.

Can pressure-profiling be used with rotary pumps?
Rotary vane pumps are not compatible. The speed of induction motors can not be controlled (or at least not easily). The high inrush current of such motors could even damage microcontroller modules with solid state relays.

Can your firmware be used with HX machines?
HX machines do not profit from precise PID temperature control (the water temperature at the exit of their short heat exchangers depends on the flow rate and the inlet temperature) and they tend to have E61 groupheads, which conflict with pressure profiling.

Is it possible to flash the firmware with Mac OS X?
For Mac OS X, we have only found a commercial program that can do that, ZOC from EmTec. A working trial version is available. You need a terminal program that supports the XModem CRC protocol over raw TCP/IP. Under Windows and Linux, please use the free TeraTerm.

Can leva! connect to my Acaia scale or to my Felicita Arc or my Timemore Black Mirror?
No. The Skale 2 from Atomax is the only supported scale. Bluetooth LE espresso scales use proprietary protocols. Support for specific scales can only be added if the manufacturer provides protocol documentation (none of the above-mentioned has done that) and a sample (none of the above-mentioned has offered that).

Can I have the firmware source code?
While the firmware is free, it is not open source.

Heureka! I have an idea.
Great! Feel free to submit your ideas and other feedback below:

1: If you submit ideas, you agree to grant royalty-free permission to use them.

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