We offer free software for your espresso machine. It turns ordinary portafilter machines into sophisticated shot brewers with precise control over temperature and pressure.

Our software is for espresso machines which have been equipped with an Atmel AVR microcontroller. It is compatible with portafilter machines with 1 or 2 boilers, vibratory pump and 220-240V/50Hz supply voltage (EU), such as Rancilio Silvia, ECM Casa IV, Lelit PL series, Bezzera BZ09, Vibiemme Domobar etc.

Such machines offer good thermal properties but do not reach their full potential because a fine mechanical basis is combined with limited pressure control, antiquated thermostats or entry-level PID controllers. 

Our software controls heating elements (PID with feed-forward control), brew pressure (via feedback from a pressure sensor), valves, lights, switches, flow meter and tank sensor. Pump power control adds cool features, for example pressure profiling programs for variable brew pressure, preinfusion1, volumetric dosing or an effective warm-up programs.

We support various Atmel ATMega1284-based microcontroller modules. A display is recommended but not necessary. A compatible module can be installed internally and remain invisible, preserving the original look of your espresso machine. Our firmware can be configured by software on a computer connected by WLAN/Wifi, USB or Bluetooth.

caffè!, leva! and ristretto!

Three variants are available:
  • caffè! and leva! control heat, pump and valves. caffè! can control more components and requires a more powerful microcontroller.
  • ristretto! is a minimal version focused on temperature control. It turns a microcontroller into a PID but does not deal with pump or valves.

1: Pre-wetting of coffee grounds at electronically regulated low pressure (not simple "stop and go" preinfusion).

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